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Mosquito Hunters Interview

How Did Your Franchise React in a COVID World?

Busy busy guy! If his story doesn’t convince you, his phones should. Today I’m sharing some clips of my recent interview with Scott Lantzman from Mosquito Hunters of Suburban Essex in the New York City Metro Area.

In his first year as a new franchisee, Scott was much busier than expected – especially considering he chose to start his business during a pandemic! Notice a few important insights near the end; he delivered excellent customer service and actively maintained an online presence bolstered with lots of great customer reviews on google. Those two ingredients always go a long way in promoting your reputation and, therefore, a growing customer funnel. Enjoy the story and any helpful ideas you can grab from it.

Congratulations to Scott and Mosquito Hunters on a big year, and for being a great example of a franchise system working together to build a strong brand during uncertain times!

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are that of the interviewee and not necessarily their franchise brand.)