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Team Logic IT

How Did Your Franchise React in a COVID World?

Imagine being responsible to keep other people’s businesses running during a pandemic! Today I’m sharing some clips of my interview with Drayton Mayers from TeamLogic IT of Memphis, TN.

He’s been a franchisee for 10 years – a true vet – and he’s never experienced anything like it. Notice how his “cloud clients” could transition quickly to a work-from-home environment. What about your business? Had you moved to the cloud prior to the pandemic, or did the pandemic cause you to finally make that transition?

Enjoy the story and any helpful ideas you can grab from it. Congratulations to Drayton and TeamLogic IT on a successful year, and for playing a crucial role in keeping so many businesses open from home through a major crisis!

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are that of the interviewee and not necessarily their franchise brand.)