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Tips For Working Remotely

🥵Struggling To Adapt To A Work From Home Lifestyle? 😪

I have had many parents, as well as young single people, share their challenges of moving to a ‘work from home’ lifestyle.

During a conversation with my good friend Dave Inglis, we discussed a few ways to address these challenges as a team and individually.

#1 – STOP structuring your day the same. You live in a BRAND NEW context!

#2 – Create space to ask the question “what do I need as a result of this new context”?

#3 – Make time for social connection as a work team. Recreate the “cooler talk”

#4 – Setup one-on-one connections between team members.

TIP for Slack lovers – use the Donut App which automatically connects two people on your team each week Listen to your heart! Create space to understand where you are coming from and what you need. How have you been adjusting to your new context?