Meet RocketBarn: A Different Kind of Franchise Marketing Partner

Candid, open communication and partnership is key

Stay focused on continuous growth and learning

Take ownership of, and feel pride in your work and impact

Keep things simple - focus on results that matter

Take a people-first approach to business and community

We Help Your Franchisees Feel Engaged and Confident in Their Marketing so Your System can Grow Successfully

our mission and values

Today our team serves franchise brands with a unique partnership approach that focuses on franchisee support while holding an active role in the franchise community as a philanthropic partner and educational resource. Onwards and upwards!

A Dedicated Team Proudly Serving Franchise Brands Across America

where we are now...

Marketing Expertise Met a Love for People and Education

where we started...

RocketBarn started when our founder, Matt Martin, was doing digital marketing for small businesses back in 2010. When he met his first franchise client, he realized that his philosophy on marketing (owner support, clear reporting, and scaleable campaigns) perfectly aligned with the franchise industry!

RocketBarn's values, and approach to franchise marketing, are largely inspired by the lessons Matt learned while growing up on his family's farm: There are no substitutes for hard work, honesty is truly the best policy & always focus on what really matters in business & life. 

Born & Raised on a Farm in Waterloo, Canada

Franchising is an industry that needs both local success and global growth... So does your marketing! Our name reminds us every day that we are a blend of global and local. Shooting for the moon while working hard in the fields. Bad metaphor? Maybe. We're keeping it though.

The Perfect Combination of Scalable Growth (Rocket) and Local Success (Barn)

our name and philosophy

Hosting roundtables at franchise industry events allows us to facilitate valuable education in the community!

Industry Roundtables

Interested in getting involved in giving back with the franchise community? Reach out! This is a great team.

Franchising Gives Back

One of our favourite CFA events we sponsor - sunshine, philanthropy, and connection are a winning combination!

CFA Golf Tournament

Giving Back, Using Our Business for Good, and Participating in Community is a Big Priority for the RocketBarn Team