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What Happens After A Lead Calls You?

🙏 Praying For More Sales? 🙏

“WE NEED MORE LEADS!” Of course you do, but are you ready to close those leads? Do you have confidence in your sales process (system)?

During a conversation with Darryl Sangster we discussed the importance of having a system for turn leads into sales. Too often businesses get focused on generating more opportunities before they are ready to handle them. Generating leads is not cheap, especially quality leads. In order for you to make smart investments in growing your business, a conversation about the full picture is important.

Darryl brings a TON of experience with over 20 years in the franchise industry, including CEO & President, VP of Operations, and Sales & Marketing Manager roles. He currently serves franchisors as a coach/consultant/mentor/teacher.

Go CONNECT with him and reach out for a 1 on 1 to learn more about how he is helping franchisors. Do you have a system to track your leads? Please share in the comments below.