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British Swim School Interview

How Did Your Franchise React in a COVID World?

While some businesses saw unanticipated growth through the pandemic, other businesses were faced with significant challenges. Today I’m sharing some clips of my recent interview with Robert Stapf from British Swim School, based in Jersey City, NJ.

When Robert found a new passion and opened his franchise over 4 years ago, he never would have guessed that his entrepreneurial savvy would be tested in this way. Turns out, he’s got a real knack for tackling big problems! His ability to take action, collaborate with his franchisor and local politicians in the middle of world crisis… well, it impacted a lot of people and kept his business going!

Enjoy the story and any helpful ideas you can grab from it. Congratulations to Robert and British Swim School for thinking quickly on your feet and working together – you helped staff stay afloat financially, and you found creative ways to serve your clients needs when so much was up against you. Brilliant!

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are that of the interviewee and not necessarily their franchise brand.)