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Stop Killing Your Deals


Have you heard the saying “time kills all deal”? Well, in a COVID sales world a LOT has changed! It’s still true, eventually time does kill all deals but patience and compassion for your customer is more important now than ever. I was chatting with my friend and fellow franchise supplier extraordinaire Diamantis (Dean) from FranchiseBlast who offers a complete software management solution to franchises – go check out his profile and platform, they will not disappoint 🌟Dean was sharing how in today’s sales climate, it is important to be aware of and sensitive to the competing, and often very serious priorities of your clients. He suggested that instead of continuing to fight to push forward your agenda, look for ways to support your prospect client in new ways that are more relevant to their immediate needs. It sounds simple but patience, especially when you are feeling sales target pressure is no small thing.

Have you been experiencing this in your sales conversations? Have you been losing deals as a result? Share below how are you responding to being pushed down on the list of priorities ⏬