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Transworld Business Advisors Interview

How Did Your Franchise React in a COVID World?

Today I’m sharing some clips of my recent interview with Michael Vacca from Transworld Business Advisors in Fair Haven, New Jersey.

Michael has been a franchisee with Transworld Business Advisors for almost 7 years – so you can imagine he has an appreciation for how important it is to establish face-to-face relationships when helping clients buy and sell their businesses. This pandemic turned things upside down and forced a fast look at how to innovate and stay in the game.

Enjoy the story and any helpful ideas you can grab from it. Congratulations to Michael and Transworld Business Advisors for not only surviving, but also making valuable strides forward – both in your marketing and operational systems – as a result of the uncomfortable changes you had to move through together this past year. Rock on!

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are that of the interviewee and not necessarily their franchise brand.)