Why we Love

We believe franchising is a brilliant way to expand the reach of products and services that make people’s lives better through local entrepreneurs who are passionate about serving their region in an exceptional way.

We partner with those brands and entrepreneurs to fuel the healthy expansion of local markets at scale, through superior digital marketing strategies and our unique level of partnership commitment.

What is our unique level of partnership commitment?

If we believe you have an extraordinary franchise brand with growth potential, we take the time to combine data, extensive research, and our years of experience to provide you with an honest assessment about how we can fuel your business. We don’t just focus on what we define as success, we focus on your Return on Investment. Why do we take this approach? Because we know each of us want success and longevity in our relationship. We are willing to invest time upfront to prove our ability to grow your locations and our commitment to building great companies.

If existing franchisees are thriving in your system, your development team will also succeed. Stable proof-of-concept attracts and fuels healthy growth, and that’s what we all want! That’s the RocketBarn difference.

What our Experience has taught us
about Franchisors & Franchisees

In our experience, we have come to understand some of the core challenges a franchise faces at the corporate and local level. You don’t just need an agency with great digital marketing skills. You need business-minded people that understand the intricacies and layers of your system and your people. Better yet, you need a partner that honours strong relationship building and communication skills to understand and support the unique challenges of each person we work with across your franchise system.

Marketing Challenges We See Franchisors Face

  1. My franchisees are not investing enough into marketing at the local level
  2. I’m unable to see the impact of local marketing efforts across the network
  3. My franchisees are impatient and keep changing their marketing tactics and partners

Marketing Problems We See Franchisees Face

  1. I’m lacking the budget to do effective digital marketing
  2. I don’t have time to properly learn and manage my digital marketing
  3. I’m lacking people with the skills to manage my digital marketing
  1. Individual franchisees are not equipped to find & target the right people in their local area
  2. I see fragmented strategies and goals across the network
  3. I have limited national marketing funds to build brand awareness
  1. I’ve been unable to generate quality leads with the digital tactics I tried
  2. I do not understand what my marketing report is telling me
  3. I don’t know who to trust when outsourcing marketing activities

Our roadmap to National Digital Marketing

A proven, growth-focused system that benefits the whole network.

Rooted in our belief that your local and national marketing should work together, our scalable approach is designed to work from the bottom-up, growing the whole system with local results.

The Pilot

We start with 3 to 5 strategic locations in the network. The pilot establishes the framework for the locations to follow and guides the development of a tailored program.

Local Focus

We create a custom strategy for each location at the local level. Taking into account the unique challenges; we implement our integrated mix of geo-targeted social ads, paid search ads, and search engine optimization to bring you more leads.

Strategic Support

We’re more than a vendor: we partner with your executive team and bring insights and expertise to the table. We develop and advise on strategy, research your industry and competitors, and provide customized network training.

Clear Reporting

Up-to-date performance reporting at your fingertips! We provide you with the key metrics that provide insight into campaign performance at any time. We report on what matters to you; working with you to calculate and track your Return on Investment for every dollar spent.

Network Learnings

We make sure your National and Local digital marketing strategies are integrated. We take key learnings from the individual locations and utilize them to support your goals and leverage your strengths at the network level.

Want to know how we can fuel your Franchise?

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Our Integrated Approach To Local
Franchise Digital Marketing

RocketBarn helps you build a core strategic advantage over competition in all local markets across your system.
We mesh local and national strategies to speed up and optimize growth for everyone in a cost-effective way.

The End Game:

Affordable, Quality Leads
That Convert To Customers

Paid Ads and Organic Search (SEO) are unique but complementary approaches to generating leads. Your brand will take up more ‘real estate’ on the results page of Google by appearing at the top as an ad, a map listing, and an organic listing beneath. This positions you as a strong authority and makes your brand appear more credible, which is proven to increase website traffic, lead conversion and sale rate.

Our franchise experts craft a unique local strategy for your franchise business that maximizes your ROI. We utilize data, the latest technology, and over a decade of experience to optimize your campaigns; with quality leads as our primary goal. With Display Ads, Paid Search Ads and Search Engine Optimization working together, your business will attract quality leads through multiple integrated channels.

Convert Traffic To Quality
Leads, Faster

Organic Search, Paid Search, and Display campaigns provide insightful data into your customers. Highlighting key learnings will allow us to make decisions with confidence; ensuring that your digital presence is driving quality leads, not just traffic.
Where your leads arrive once they click your ads or search results is pivotal to converting those leads. Each landing page must be fully optimized to ensure maximum conversion of quality leads. Creating a strong platform to inform and engage potential new leads through landing pages is not only cost-efficient, but it also ensures a tailored experience for your leads.

A cohesive, integrated strategy to all three services ensures that learnings are shared and acted on, getting better results in a shorter timespan than doing each service separately.